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The Virgin Islands

The Virgin Islands are a gift from above. Heaven on Earth. The joie de vivre can be felt in the nature, the waves and the white sand. I can tell you, I live there.

Me? Me, I’m a house, a villa to rent, and not just anyone. I do have a little bit of an ego…Even if it does disappear before the beauty of the landscape that I overlook and that surrounds me.

Come for a guided tour given by the owner…by the way the owner is you, for 5 to 15 days. It’s up to you…

A villa in the British Virgin Islands, to be precise

It’s here that I took root, that I was built. My name is “MyALL”, pleased to meet you! Indeed my name is MyALL, and, not to boast, but it’s true, I have all I need. I am all I need.

You think I’ve got some nerve? No. See for yourself.

But first, let’s talk about this beautiful place where I live, embraced in such a beautiful sweetness of life, with the vitality of nature in flooding into this villa, that is here for my dear happiness, and yours too I might add. One feels quite small here, but at the same time lifted by a wave of happiness.

Happiness, I’ve only this word on the tip of my tongue. My designer not only designed me with this Swiss quality, but also with his heart and soul.

I was built on a strip of land on the island of Tortola. I overlook the bay known as Trunkbay.

In a majestic way, I look out over everything, across 270 degrees. I myself am not overlooked by anyone, because the strip of land that holds me up gives the feeling that it’s just me alone with the elements. Alone with my residents, who occupy my 6 bedrooms with exquisite pleasure!

6 bedrooms and up to 16 people

Each bedroom is a universe that opens up high over the nature, your nature, our nature. The nature we must pamper and that loves us so much. We see it everywhere too, because this nature so generous abounds with fruits, trees, vegetation, and flowers. And also nooks and crannies at once wild and tamed by the skill of the carefully selected gardeners blessed with the green thumb.

6 bedrooms, I was saying. This means you can come with friends, as a family, or on your own if you want to take some time off in a place you’ll never forget.

What’s beautiful here where I am, is that you can share quality moments in a community of 16 people, but you also have the possibility to retire to your own quarters and pass some time cocooned away, just the two of us.

A garden of Eden

As I was telling you, I’m surround by a large garden, a garden that also extends out to the sea, by a path that seems as if it has been carved out of the rocks by destiny itself, and watched over by a…cat, yes, a cat, just on the shore !

This stone cat watches over the house, of course, and contributes to the magical waves that form a halo around the whole property, with their invisible yet ever-present force.

I’m telling you about me but I’ve already done so, explained how I was built. I’ve told you quite a lot, revealed myself, so come and see…luxury, tranquillity and exquisite pleasure.

Also, if you want to get your hands on these premises for a few days or for two weeks, you can come see who I am in more detail! Click here if you're curious to discover me.

And a white sand beach

However, what good are all these marvels if you can’t get a taste of the Ocean water, this vast ocean that is a little intimidating but also so welcoming, with its enormous, sometimes stormy waves, sometimes so soft and gently rocking the world, as if out of time…

Whatever you might be up to, the cat watches over you from afar. He keeps an eye on you, and for a moment you can almost hear him purr! Unless it’s the rolling of the waves, and we’re getting it mixed it…

Everything here is made to make us forget our worries. I would know. Since I was built here, I live in blissful happiness that I never stop talking about!

The house of happiness

To break with my modesty, I am indeed the house of happiness. I would describe myself as An Everything (I’m called MyALL, you remember?) because I’m the complete package. But I am also delighted to welcome your fits of laughter, to host your emotions before the beauty of the landscape that I overlook…

Do you know that from here – that is your home for a few precious days – you can admire both the rising and the setting of the sun? This 270-degree view gives the measure of the beauty that you’re immersed in during your stay with me, in my arms that carry you to your dreams.

The amenities are very close though

I’ve thought about it you know! I don’t want you to go hungry! Of course, there is the generous nature of the garden. But not just that! Firstly, you have the option, going past the mountain behind me – it’s actually more of a huge hill –, of reaching, in ten minutes, civilisation and the supermarket.

You’re fully immersed in an experience of nature, and yet civilisation isn’t far away. Oh, and if you need a break, you can of course totally ignore the modernity that you wanted to get away from for a while. It’s all possible. You really are at one with nature and its grandiosity.

But if you want both, nature and peak comfort, well great, you can without hindrance get to the stores…almost like the ones at home! That’s another example of the magic that I am. Being far away from everything…while also close to what you need. And in absolute comfort.

Other details on the house to come

I promise, I will give you details of other defining features shortly, about my most secret and intimate finery. And then, I’ll carry on telling you about my adventures…I am a very serene villa. But the path to serenity is sometimes long.

I’ll share with you later on, in another article, how I pulled through Hurricane Irma…

In the meantime, if you want to know when a new article appears, don’t hesitate to sign up to my newsletter! Yes, yes, go on, click on it, the link doesn’t bite :-)!

I’ll see you soon then, and it’s been my pleasure to welcome and inform you!



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