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The compost of the garden

I am a house to rent, that’s true. For holidays. Though that doesn’t prevent me from being eco-friendly. My name is MyALL. I am a luxury home offering myself to rent for five days or two weeks. For two or sixteen people.

And yet, I have my compost at the back of my garden. Yes, I preserve environment. Does that surprise you? I am established in such a heavenly place. The British Virgin Islands.

So, logically, I want to preserve this place. You would do the same, wouldn’t you? Allow me to tell you my story myself, “if you want something done, do it yourself” they say… Yes, I am a talkative house.

The compost at the back of the garden…

…but so close to my heart. You see, I whispered to my designer that the soil that supports me needed to be fertilized with love… Of course, he understood it straightaway. It must be said that in that distant country where he comes from and that I don’t know, Switzerland, he had already learned to yield a fertile soil himself with his compost.

The thing is that in Switzerland, he told me, there are a lot of people who are eco-friendly! And my inventor has a Swiss friend who taught him everything about the subject.

Her name is Cornelia – I point it out because that lovely name is very Swiss. Her name is as lovely as she is, a determined woman, joyful, profound and driven by respect for nature. A pragmatic woman as well, she taught my designer everything, who in turn taught me.

Environment and friendship

Needless to say, environment and friendship go well together! Because being eco-friendly means having solidarity with nature, animals, trees… That entails connecting with one’s heart and digging happily!

Work is sometimes a bit hard physically. So, it makes even more sense to work together on something that is already so important! There’s a whole technique that my creator learned under the sun, from the great bursts of laughter with Cornelia. Sun and friendship warmth gathered together, it’s so great…

My businessman also admitted to me that after working the land, there was the orangeade under the arbor… Orangeade and giggles with the joy of having worked for the good of the planet!

Operation: recuperation

You must know: Cornelia never came here, to the British Virgin Islands. But her spirit travelled with her friend, who learned everything on solid Swiss ground and reproduced it on my soil!

Drawing on his experience in Switzerland, he began to dress me up like never before, judge for yourselves:

Based on Cornelia’s teachings, he decided to use my good soil for my own benefit! So, at the back of the garden, he set up a big container in which he poured – splash – all the waste. Sometimes I had my eyes wide open watching him throw in there, haphazardly, dead leaves, food waste and kitchen towels – or “kitchen rolls”, if you prefer. Different name, same function!

I saw him rush towards the back of the garden, my far end, pour waste in the container, a mischievous look on his face, so happy to feed my soil, the base of my life…

A natural watering in the Virgin Islands

Compost needs sprinkling! No, I’m not talking about magic dust; I mean that you need to humidify the soil!

The only thing is, here in the Virgin Islands – remember one of the first articles I wrote – it rains with such elegance and gentleness! Click on that link if you forgot about it, or if you missed this beautiful story…

So, no need for watering, that’s for the universe to decide and schedule with an accuracy that amazes me. The abundance of the universe, which knows when it must give what’s necessary to my soil…

And I see my boss who comes turn my soil upside down in order to mix it up and make the land fertile. I call him my boss but I’m just joking, that’s for the old times! Actually, we cooperate, it’s nice!

An autonomous house

It’s my creator’s dream to have an autonomous house. Like everybody, he likes freedom. So, having every four or five months a couple bags of good soil full of nutrients is more than a satisfaction, it’s a joy!

I’m also a little proud to contribute by sowing here and there dead leaves to discreetly help him in his work. I see him so happy, and I am also deeply happy to be able to self-regenerate. My own soil regenerating, it gives… brrrr… a feeling of immortality!

Food for my guests

What gives us both a feeling of vast accomplishment is the fact that this locally produced good soil is able to feed my tenants for free! Oh, of course, I’m not saying you don’t need to go downtown to buy some groceries from time to time, but the garden is there, full of fruits and vegetables produced on my soil! It’s such a pleasure to see my guests enjoy mango, lemon, papaya, passion fruit, tomato, sage, bay leaf, ginger, onion, eggplant…

Of course, nothing that we buy can compare to the taste of these fruits and vegetables. All these marvels of nature grow with love. And that is a real difference you can feel in the taste!

Cultivating the soil while cultivating one’s independence, can we dream of anything better than that?

Nothing, actually.

And if this story made you hungry to know how I survived Hurricane Irma, how I remained standing, intact – or almost intact – while all my surroundings were ravaged, feel free to read me by clicking on this link to read the article talking about these difficult but overcome moments.

You can also check out my website, my other articles and even subscribe to my newsletter to keep informed of my adventures, because I’m very chatty!

And if you simply want to get some information about the rental of the house directly online, you can click on this link of course!

So, see you soon friends!



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