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Organizing a training course

You want to organize a training course; but you haven’t found the right place yet. An exceptional place that will be the perfect setting for the teaching you want to organize and deliver. No need to go further, because you are at the right place here! This luxury villa is available for rental, and the booking can be done without an intermediary, so all your needs will be taken into account. This villa has been the dream of its designer for a long time and was built according to his vision. It was built in an exceptional location overlooking the beach; with a breathtaking view. Yes, this luxury home is located in the British Virgin Islands, on the island of Tortola. It is a refined, welcoming house, completely surrounded by nature. And it is quite affordable when you come as a group.

Organizing a training course

Finding the perfect place isn’t always easy, right? Yet, it is almost the most important point to consider when you’re looking to organize a training course. The teaching may be perfect, but if people had a bad night’s sleep, are yawning at breakfast or if the room is drafty, your high-quality teaching can go down the drain. What a shame, what a waste that would be…

Choosing a location that satisfies your expectations is therefore particularly important. It is normal that you care about it, that you are demanding. This house is called My All. A subtle name that can’t be translated. But a name that gives us a feeling of unity, of harmony. Its owner fell in love with this land before thinking about plans perfectly adapted to the site.

An ideal place

You can be assured that your teaching will shine in all its splendor on such an island and in such a beautiful villa… Your students will never forget that you trained them in this marvelous nature full of life.

There is so much serenity in this place that the subject that you teach will easily have an impact on the mind… but also the hearts of your students. This is why the resourcing, meditation and brainstorming courses are so successful in this dream house, which truly welcomes its guests.

Of course, courses or seminars of any kind all have the same effect. They induce a wonderful integration for those that are lucky to experience the refinement of this environment. They also lead to dazzling ideas, because the surrounding vast scenery is especially favorable to making our brains connect with their highest potential.

The logistics behind teaching

You can also offer many activities to your students without needing to leave the house. Depending on your wishes, you can taste the delicious local cuisine prepared by a cook who will pamper you throughout all your stay. You won’t have to worry about anything.

Or you can choose to go shopping at the supermarket which is just across the hill, less than ten minutes away from the house. You feel immersed in nature… but the amenities are close by! Any kind of arrangement is possible since you are not dealing with a large, impersonal group, but with a designer who wants to take care of his clients himself; he will then entrusts the practical aspects to his staff that has all his trust. But even from a distance, he is always there, he takes care of everything!

The cleaning is done regularly, and special arrangements are also possible to best suit your needs. You are offering a turnkey training course. The accommodation can also be flexible, which is obviously very practical for you. You will have nothing but nice surprises. The builder is Swiss-German, and Swiss quality is not just a concept; with him, it’s a reality!

The environment around the house

Whatever the season, you can have lunch and work outdoors. The island of Tortola has a mild climate and during the low season, the temperature never drops below 25 degrees Celsius and the sun is on duty for the holiday-makers, even the studious ones! When the warm rain sometimes falls, it only lasts the time of a short storm… And this gives the opportunity to contemplate magnificent rainbows that are a delight to the eyes.

Moreover, the 12 adults who can stay at the house will be totally comfortable under the awning. The class can therefore always take place sheltered from the gentle, pleasant showers that nature offers to its guests…

Your students can enjoy their break in the swimming pool and admire the vastness of nature around them. They won’t be cold when they come out, when the class resumes, and they will have a clear mind for your exercises!

Of course, there is also the white sandy beach below, which can be an interesting alternative! It is deserted, and apart from your students, nobody will disturb your concentration!

Whether it’s going to the restaurant, visiting the island or going on a boat ride out at sea to admire the dolphins, there is so much to do if you so desire. Discovering the warmth and hospitality of the inhabitants is heartwarming…

A fair price for accommodation

Everything we just described has a price, of course. And maybe you are about to give up, thinking it’s beyond your means? Not so fast! If you go to the rates page, you will see that in “low season”, meaning from mid-April to mid-December of each year, the price is only 115 dollars per person and per day, for a group of 12.

A price similar to that of a mid-range hotel, with luxury amenities, isn’t it? It is a unique experience, an incredible immersion that you will offer to your students. Offering a dream-like experience alongside a quality training course; can you dream of anything better?

One small detail not to be neglected: three children and one baby can accompany their parents and stay in their room, in addition to the 12 adults, for a very reasonable price.

For the trip, you will find all the information on this page with useful links. You can also contact us by e-mail; it will be our pleasure to inform you.

Finally, if you want to know the incredible story of this house, told by itself – which is yet another argument to attract your students – feel free to read and share its story

See you soon! We look forward to welcoming you with all your students!


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