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Must-do activities in the British Virgin Islands

The British Virgin Islands are so coveted for spending harmonious holidays with family or lovers. Several activities make the popularity of its so-called extraordinary islands. So here is essential info on things to do in the British Virgin Islands. The more you know, the better you will know how to prepare your stay on the island.

An action-packed holiday in the British Virgin Islands

The activities to do on the British Virgin Islands are very varied. There is something for every taste. The busiest places on the island are The Baths which is in Virgin Gorda and Norman Island. For a well-stocked travel guide, discover the activities not to be missed on the island.

Activities at sea

To make the most of the splendor of the sea, the British Virgin Islands offer you water activities that are more fun than ever, enough to have fun and totally let off steam. As a nautical activity, the island offers surfing, for amateurs and professionals.

renting a boat in the bvi

The waves are good and favorable for the practice of this extreme sport. The British Virgin Islands are also favorite places for great divers. During these immersions, they will be able to admire coral bushes and exceptional marine animal species. You can join the diving clubs if you want to have the necessary equipment for a successful immersion.

diving in the bvi

There is also sailing, especially practiced on calm beaches. Norman Island is, for example, a place suitable for this type of activity. Do not miss these dream activities during your visit to the British Virgin Islands.

Activities for adventure travel enthusiasts

For you adventurers, hikes are also on the agenda to live new experiences, but above all to admire the beauty of the landscapes. During your walks, discover the rocky and steep paths, enough to degrease you (beneficial for your health). Along the way, expect to encounter small animals.

jungle exploration

Do not be surprised, because this is also the purpose of the hikes. You will come into contact with nature and wildlife. In Tortola, at the very top of Mount Sage, you will discover an exceptional national park of the same name. Even better, for a panoramic view of the entire island, go to Virgin Gorda on Mount Guana Peak, a mythological place.

beach of virgin gorda

Do not forget to visit the legendary site of The baths to make your hike more sporty. So, ready to launch the challenge and have a good holiday?

My All Tortola, the amazing spot of the main island.

Must-do activities in the British Virgin Islands

Must-do activities in the British Virgin Islands


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