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Immersion course

You want to organize an immersion course in a wonderful location? But you still haven't found the dream place you're looking for, at a fair price? You are at the right place here; just stop and come visit the location of this magnificent house which awaits you with open arms! For five days, one week or two weeks, you can rent a beautiful setting for your event, where you will dive into the beauty of both nature and the house; into its comfort, the delicacy of its decoration and its very welcoming energy. In short, this house has a soul, just like the course you want to offer to your clients!

Immersion course

Yes, it is possible to organize an immersion course at a fair price in a place where you can teach on the terrace or at the beach, in the magnificent lounge or by the pool. And it won't cost you a fortune either, as one could think when discovering this incredible, spacious place, full of nature

Learning while revitalizing yourself allows the content of your course to be memorized with harmony and simplicity. Moreover, combining your teaching with this environment obviously adds value to your training course. Your students will be delighted as well; they will feel particularly welcome in this villa which has a presence all by itself!

But let's take a look at its characteristics, to give you a better idea of your possibilities.

Accommodation for 12 adults

This wonderful villa overlooking the Pacific Ocean is located in the heart of the Caribbean, in the British Virgin Islands, and can accommodate 12 adults in six double rooms.

Three of the rooms are in the house; the other three are located in bungalows which are called, as the starry sky shows at night, Neptune, Jupiter and Venus. Quite a program, isn't it?

Each of the rooms, whether in the house or in the bungalows, has a private bathroom. The participants of your immersion course will therefore be very comfortable with everything they need to get ready after having nourished their minds thanks to you.

It is also interesting to know that the structure, which is very recent since it dates from 2016, can also accommodate three teenagers and a baby. Obviously, this probably doesn't concern you, but still, it's good to know, if need be!

Effective logistics

In this villa called My All, which is quite a program in itself, you must know that logistics go with the flow, adapting to your needs. You can prepare your meals yourself, and despite the beauty of the wilderness, you are very close to the local supermarket. You can be there in 10 minutes!

On the other hand, if you prefer to take advantage of the location to offer your students premium services, you can call on a cook who will come and prepare delicious dishes for you to enjoy. Everything is possible in this house, just ask and we will adapt to your needs!

The outdoors and the weather

Located on the Island of Tortola, overlooking Trunk Bay, the house is enveloped in mild weather all year round. Whatever the season, your course can take place outdoors. Whether it is by the infinity pool or on the terrace, which can be pleasantly sheltered from the sun, you will have no worries. Rain doesn’t fall often and is pleasant, even refreshing. The pearl-shaped droplets that sometimes fall make way to magnificent rainbows.

Let's take a look at the weather for a moment, because it is always amazing! In low season, it is also warm – warmer than in high season! About 28 degrees Celsius. Here, you are right by the Pacific Ocean and you can feel the sea breeze! And when it's too warm, a swim cools your mind! The temperature is higher and the price is lower. What more could you ask for! Only 115 USD per person per night for a group of 12 persons in low season, which is an unparalleled offer for a unique experience!

From the terrace, you can watch the sun rise and set. Both are wonderful. Trunk Bay beach, which is a 15 to 20 minutes walk away and can be seen from the terrace, offers an unforgettable experience of warm sand and... is deserted. There's no one here but you and your students!

As for the infinity pool, it offers you a breathtaking view for your breaks, which allow for a welcome rest for your overheated brains!

The activities

You can do many activities here. The place is full of possibilities, for half days or evenings of assimilation! Having lunch at a typical restaurant, going on a trip to see dolphins swimming in the distance, immersion... in the Pacific Ocean above schools of multicolored fish, climbing Mount Sage, observing the fauna and flora, the choice is endless!

You can also rest in the vast garden that surround the house, which is arranged with slightly hidden places allowing you to relax...

As for the jacuzzi, it is located on the cliffs and welcomes you for your greatest comfort. The waterfall in the pool that can massage your neck has also been designed for a subtle and relaxing comfort.

The story of the house

My All, which is the name of the house, is young and modern, and yet, it had quite an adventure soon after it was built! This house tells its own story of its adventures and its moods, on the blog, as you will see on this link.

Touching, charming, interesting, this house is not like the other villas and this is why it is perfectly adapted to the immersion course you wish to organize.

For any information, you can contact us by e-mail or by chat and it will be our pleasure to inform you.

You can check out the prices very easily. Finally, to organize your trip, you can find some useful information. The fact is that dream is just one click away!

We look forward to meeting you. Feel free to subscribe to our newsletter to be informed of our incredible offers!

My All


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