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Dolphins in the Caribbean

Updated: Jun 27, 2023

Here in the Caribbean, dolphins is one of the animal wonders you can contemplate out at sea from the beach of Trunk Bay, as you are swimming in the turquoise waters of my beach. Me? I am My All, I am a rental villa nestled in the heights of a beach filled with white sand on the island of Tortola, in the British Virgin Islands. With passion and amusement, I tell you about these animals which you can see and hear from my so beautiful and magical vantage point.

Dolphins in the Caribbean

To see dolphins spring out as you are swimming in the clear waters of my piece of ocean is just fabulous. You are bathing, happy, calm and immersed in an unspoiled and abundant nature. And suddenly, they appear and cross the bay. They seem happy and carefree, and they probably are. It reminds you of how nature is welcoming, abundant and loving when we treat it with kindness.

Of course, you can also go observe these sea mammals closer. But observing them from afar is already a great joy. That way, you don’t disturb them. You can admire them in their true greatness, when they are totally free.

Honestly, it’s a feast for the eyes. And, as a very resourceful house for rent, I savor the joy of seeing so many splendors in front of my eyes. I must say that my soul is full of happiness when I see these animals so close to you, in the end, my tenants, having fun in my horizon… and yours! Whether you are on the terrace overlooking the beach or in the ocean, cradled by the waves.

The night frogs croak

In this wonderful place where I have the privilege to live, there are also night frogs. As their name suggests, you can’t see them during the day. But every night, an exceptional concert awaits you, both gentle and amusing.

There’s something funny about this concert that starts to play out. It’s as if the first beep waked up the other frogs, the friends of the first one! That’s how it happens. One frog makes a kind of discreet beep, beep. And then, the orchestra begins to play, lively and comforting at the same time. Each batrachian at the right place!

I have the feeling of being immersed with you in the heart of a vibrant, incredible celestial harmony. These frogs make exceptional, unheard music. You won’t hear anything like this anywhere else. And yet, as I said, it’s not disturbing at all, on the contrary. It’s as if these nice frogs which croak with a pleasing sound – but too loud for their small body – filled up the night to joyfully bring you to the rhythm of a restful sleep

The Virgin Islands, the ornithologists’ paradise!

Birds are also in the spotlight on the island of Tortola! Yes, I am proud to say that my island is also the ornithologists’ paradise!

You should see what I can see. Pelicans, for example, with their big wings and long beaks. They look like old dinosaurs, rather spectacular. They suddenly dive in the clear waters when they are hungry and go in search of their pittance!

Or – especially in my case – there is a pair of falcons in my immediate surroundings which is always close to me, My All. I can observe them, discreet and silent. They do their predator work, gliding above me in my ever-changing sky. Yet a sky always beautiful, magnificent, intense. No wonder this pair of birds decided to settle here!

The schools of fish, mini lizards and monkeys

In this spectacular nature, I must also tell you about the schools of fish which suddenly start to swim underneath you as you are floating in the ocean. It is a shadow both dark and glittering, a whole world which moves in the deeps of the reefs above which you are swimming, in crystalline waters. Of course, I never experienced that myself, for I am a dream house for rent! But my tenants often tell me about it with fascination.

As for the lizards that you will find on my island, they are the smallest you can find in the world; and I’m not exaggerating! This mini lizard is called dwarf gecko. It’s so small that it can fit on a coin! This tiny animal weights 14 grams on average and is only 1.6 centimeters long. It’s so cute; I fall for it!

In the surrounding forests, especially if you climb the Mount Sage, you will also find monkeys and many other species that you won’t find elsewhere, but that are particularly well preserved here. I must say that the inhabitants of my island, the island of Tortola, and its visitors are especially careful with this fauna which lives freely in the wild, in this nature made for it!

The surrounding nature forces respect. I must admit that I live in a wonder, a jewel. I am so incredibly lucky, isn’t it?

So, if you want to join me here, to see me again or perhaps to meet me for the first time, feel free to dive into more information that you will find about the different ways to come to me.

You will also find information about the prices, which are as affordable as those of an excellent hotel when we go on holidays or to a seminar as a group, in this idyllic setting you won’t forget!

I can’t wait to see you. And if you want to read my adventures, you will find them by clicking here, in my blog!

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I hope to see you soon! I can’t wait to meet you or to see you again, and to see you paddling in the ocean, full of emotions and new experiences.

My All


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