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Caribbean. What this word suggests makes us dream, right? Does it make you want to run, to fly towards it? No problem, I have the solution for you. But first, allow me to introduce myself. I am My All and I am a dream house. A house to rent, where you can let go of your troubles and just relax. Yes, I am a house that talks.

I am located in the Caribbean region – on the island of Tortola, to be precise – in the British Virgin Islands. Geographically, this island is part of the archipelago of the West Indies in the Caribbean region.

Thus, I wanted to put myself in the spotlight because not many people in Europe know of my island of Tortola. This has to change, you see; I like receiving visitors!


The numerous small islands that comprise the Caribbean all have the same wonderful, exceptional weather, that’s for sure. But the British Virgin Islands are, as the name suggests… virgin! Here, on the island of Tortola, we can still find beaches truly free of people, free of pollution, free of mass tourism. My beach, Trunk Bay, is an idyllic place where there is no one… except for you, my tenants.

All the islands of the Caribbean shine with the same generous sun. But in the British Virgin Islands, an angel came and settled in! The jasmines perfume the surroundings, the lemon trees offer their fruit, the beach sparkles with harmony with its environment!

Luxury home

I am very proud to say that I am a luxury home built by a Swiss businessman who put all his heart and soul into it. I let myself be built by this person who I thought was, above all, a man of heart.

There is everything to be happy here: a luxuriant vegetation full of fruits and vegetables that he grows with the help of local gardener when he’s not there; an incredible, breathtaking 270 degrees view, which lets you see the sunrise… and sunset, without you having to move from your deck chair on the large terrace; a swimming pool which seems to plunge into the ocean below. Come have a look, it is exceptional!

The Caribbean and the British Virgin Islands

Yes, come and get soothed by the rugged beauty of this region formally located in the Caribbean, although – I don’t know why – people think the Virgin Islands are somewhere else. Well no, it’s a matter of language but the island of Tortola, where my kingdom stretches, lies actually in the archipelago of the West Indies which is indeed in the Caribbean region!

I found this lack of knowledge unfair. As a dream house, I wanted to set the record straight. Because here, nature is especially pleasant, welcoming, lush, plentiful… But why are Europeans so unfamiliar with the Virgin Islands? I don’t understand and I would be delighted to read your comments down below!

Yes, I would really like to understand why Europeans don’t realize they have such a paradise at arm’s length! Here, you can admire rainbows every day thanks to the light rainfalls made of warm pearl-shaped droplets… Theses rainfalls, which don’t last long, give birth to magnificent, multicolored drawings in the sky.

Maximum comfort for dream holidays

In my house, my creator thought of everything. Come have a look at this as well, it’s so great!

6 bedrooms, a swimming pool, terraces, a huge garden where you can pick fruits and vegetables for your meal… Or ask for the services of a cook, who will make you taste local cuisine!

You’ll feel like you are plunging into nature, yet civilization is not far away and the supermarket, though totally invisible, is only ten minutes away, behind a hill.

Here, you can prepare the ingredients picked from the garden or bought from the supermarket – or have them prepared for you – in the outdoor kitchen. Or you can dream in your bed from where you can see the ocean through the bedroom’s large picture windows. You’ll feel as if you were being surrounded by nature.

If your curiosity makes you want to know more about what brought this Swiss man here, you can find out about that by learning how I was born, on the beach of Trunk Bay, from a plot of land completely empty at the time!

Nature-friendly holidays

Firstly, because my designer made every effort so that nature would come first. He designed me – My All, a dream holiday home – as a very comfortable, Swiss quality house. Yet, a house that fades into the immensity of the landscape and the strength of the elements. Speaking of which, I invite you to read about what happened to me when Hurricane Irma devastated the whole island of Tortola… but, incredibly, left me standing!

Perhaps it is thanks to this respect my maker had for nature that I was spared, unlike many of my comrades who were destroyed! I don’t know, it’s just a theory… But we can really see today that humans aren’t all-powerful against nature, can’t we? Well, as far as I’m concerned – and I should know; I was there – my designer was extremely careful (I would say almost obsessive) to show great deference towards my friends the fruit trees and the sweet-smelling flowers which dress me up joyfully! Lemon trees, jasmines… the garden exudes vitality. So do my tenants and so can you, if you so desire!

A fair price

You are probably thinking that you would love to go on such holidays, but that you can’t afford it!

Well, think again! If you are many, and if you can be sixteen people, these unforgettable holidays in the Caribbean won’t cost you more than a nice hotel in any capital city! Perhaps even less.

By browsing the website, you will find all the information you need about flights, for example, that can take you to this paradise. Sadly, a paradise still unknown to Europeans. Maybe not for long? The island of Tortola and I, My all, are really a must-see!

And if you want to be notified of the new articles I write, feel free to subscribe to the newsletter; you will even be notified of the special offers that my designer decides to make! Yes, the Caribbean is affordable!

So… I hope to see you soon on the wonderful island of Tortola!

My All


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