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British Virgin Islands: water activities

The British Virgin Islands especially spoil nature lovers and sea sports enthusiasts. Bathed in the Caribbean islands, its heavenly bits of land are ideal for nautical activities and the discovery of new experiences. Through the following information, let yourself be transported to the British Virgin Islands discover the water activities to do on these lands.

Must-do activities in the British Virgin Islands

It is really regretful to pass on the British Virgin Islands without practicing the water activities and water sports they offer. The island offers you a whole range of activities and sports at sea. With large beaches, these corners of paradise have become the meeting place for lovers of the sea. Discover these new activities and prepare your trip to the British Virgin Islands. Nautical activities await you.

Activities at sea

The British Virgin Islands offer you a varied list of nautical activities. Among the most popular activities is scuba diving. Professional divers can coach you and accompany you during your journey. Clubs are present on site to assist you. They can provide you with more information about diving and provide you with the necessary equipment. Some even sell diving accessories. Those who love fishing will also enjoy it on the British Virgin Islands. Some of the most popular destinations for this activity include the islands of Mahimahi, Wahoo and King Fish.

A sea trip is a plus to satisfy you. A cruise on the British Virgin Islands is absolutely to be planned if you want to discover marine animals and new landscapes (if you want to go around the world on a cruise, you just have to book your tickets on Some companies rent their boat to a family or a group of vacationers during vacation periods. However, before going fishing, get a fishing license and learn about the rules to follow.

Other water sports

Apart from the above activities, other water sports are also to be practiced on the British Virgin Islands. Among those surfing, sailing, kayaking trips and many more. Its water sports can be practiced at any time and according to your wishes.

However, it is important to know the weather conditions. If you need assistance, do not hesitate to inquire with a club in order to retain memorable highlights on the British Virgin Islands. You can also hire a guide to accompany you along your journey.


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