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British Virgin Islands TO Launches New Website

The British Virgin Islands Tourist Board has launched a brand new version of its website: In particular, it puts local tourist businesses in the spotlight.


The British Virgin Islands have unveiled their new website. The completely redesigned portal is enriched with visual content and has a platform for promoting local tourism businesses.

The latter benefit from a space where visitors can discover the description of the services offered, their contact and their location.

Internet users will also be able to register the companies that interest them thanks to a geomarketing tool. This option allows you to target people based on their geographic location.

The new site will be launched in English and will be supplemented by versions in more than 10 languages. In addition, the portal will be updated daily to keep travelers informed of the latest news.

“Our platform had become outdated and had a number of challenges that dated back to 2017. I am pleased that our marketing and business development teams now have a fully functional website. This site will be used in our actions and our various marketing campaigns," said Deputy Director of Tourism Rhodni Skelton.

"Our aim is to have the most comprehensive information portal available on the British Virgin Islands," said James Kelley, BVITB's digital marketing coordinator and project manager.

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"source Written by Jean DA LUZ on Wednesday, March 16, 2022

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