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Visiting the island of Tortola, located in the British Virgin Islands, is like being blessed by the gods. You are surrounded by so much nature and beauty. You definitely have to spend a few days there! This island is the most important of the fifty or so islands that compose this... breathtaking territory, because it is so well preserved. The Virgin Islands were discovered by Christopher Columbus in 1493, during his second expedition. So, Tortola is also steeped in history. Located in the Antilles archipelago, it served as a hideout for the pirates of the Caribbean. This splendid and mysterious place is also the starting point for many excursions on land or sailing on the waters of the Pacific Ocean.


Tortola is such a magical place that it is worth stopping there for a few days. There is so much to do on the island! Going on a hike in these so well-preserved lands. Visiting the old plantations where slaves worked under the sun. In Road Town, for example, the capital of the British Virgin Islands, you will find the place where the abolition of slavery was proclaimed on August 1, 1834.

You can also go to Mount Sage, where nature is brimming with life and animals are plentiful. This hike, with its easy – but occasionally somewhat sporty – trails, will offer you wonderful viewpoints that will be a delight for your eyes.

Yes, it is worth spending several days in Tortola! But where to stay?

Where to stay on the Island of Tortola?

The island offers many possibilities, of course. But we are very keen to offer you a villa that is worth the journey... a villa that is worthy of the fabulous experience you will enjoy when you set foot in this magical land.

A luxury home that can accommodate up to 16 people, including 3 children and a baby, but that can also be rented out if you are two or six, or four... A sumptuous villa at the price of a four or five-star hotel... But a fantastic adventure.

This incredible house is called MyALL, and you can discover its story by reading its articles, because it tells it itself! An unusual experience with an exceptional house.

But let's leave that for later and let's keep on discovering all the activities you can do on this island that will take you to other shores, the shores of dream...

The activities during your stay

There is so much to do on the island of Tortola! Like swimming with dolphins, for instance. You can see them coming close to you harmlessly; they come close and sing with you. That is another vision of happiness, isn't it? Or, you can go sailing and watch them up close from the boat... Everything is possible on this mesmerizing land of freedom...

Let's go back to more terrestrial places, for those who love history. You can visit the prison of Her Majesty the Queen; absolutely. This prison ceased to operate in 1995, but it is worth a visit if you are heading to the capital, Road Town, to spend a short time in civilization before going back to nature and to the sweet and beautiful night concerts of the frogs...

The capital is only ten minutes away by car. You just have to go up the hill and then down on the other side and there you go, you leave the wilderness full of flowers, wide open spaces and fabulous scenery and enter the city. And vice versa, of course.

Staying in the house is also an option!

Indeed, there is a lot to do in this dream house. For instance, you can go for a swim in the infinity pool, facing the ocean just below the villa. You can also take a walk in the 3-hectare garden. You can pick the fruits and vegetables that grow thanks to the garden's compost. The house itself tells the story by the way! Enjoy, come and collect all this production of nature, and you will come back home committed to the cause of permaculture!

The six double rooms will welcome you, in the main house or in the three bungalows. You will also be able to swim in the ocean and relax on the beach, so beautiful and rich with possibilities! It feels almost like a private beach since, most of the time, you are the only ones there!

As for the 3-hectare garden, it has plenty of nooks where you can relax in the shade and enjoy the 270-degree view. You can contemplate both the sunrise... and the sunset; both from the same armchair, without having to move it! Isn't this amazing?

More information for an ideal stay on the Island of Tortola

So, feel free to contact us by e-mail or chat. We will be very happy to give you all the necessary information.

Here you will also find all the useful information as well as the rates, in high and low season. Keep in mind that in Tortola it is warm all year round!

Finally, if you would like to benefit from our special offers, feel free to subscribe to our newsletter!

See you soon maybe; with pleasure. In any case, to spend your holidays in Tortola is to be in the right place!


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