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Luxury, tranquillity and exquisite pleasure

As the painter would say, everything about me is nothing but luxury, tranquillity and exquisite pleasure. Me? I’m a dream house, people say. A dream house to rent. I’m not just a little proud of it.

A house, you cry? Nooo, a universe all to myself! Come and see, my designer has even made me a site! My name is My All.

Luxury, tranquillity and exquisite pleasure, why?

I get a little embarrassed talking about myself and yet everyone tells me not to be so shy. It’s true that I was designed with Swiss quality, and my designer is a good gentle Swiss-German who combines undeniable artistic skill with very precise attention to detail.

I would laugh to myself, full of tenderness, seeing him, with his ear pressed against the ground, like a 19th century Apache would do with the iron horse, to listen to the rumblings of the earth that holds me up today.

I would watch him as he picked up the sand, inhaled it, caressed it, fawned over it…That’s when I decided I would do everything I could for it to be him who would build me. That I get built according to his very dreams. I knew his dreams were great, and that at the same time, he was a man with a heart of gold, who came here because it’s this magic place that had chosen him. He could sense it. This is why one feels such an affinity here.

I hadn’t yet been built but I could already see myself, proud, stately, looking out over nature and its joy, watching over the ocean and its ever-majestic whims.

A holiday home

Yes, that’s what I am. A house of luxury, but I have too much class to put a sign “to rent” on my front door. No, no, really!

Let me tell you my story, because it’s worth your time. Thirty years ago, my designer came to discover my lands, the British Virgin Islands. And straight away he fell madly in love. Something in me touched him, and, like him, I trembled.

He had to go back home, because he works in Europe. It’s that Swiss quality, I tell you! No, I don’t know Switzerland. Me, I stay here, in the warmth of my tenants.

I am a house, I’m called My All, do you remember? Travellers come – and come back to me. To have a taste of me, is sort of like adopting me. I create a bond with all my tenants.

Nature as cinema

So it is, nature moves constantly like in a movie... every hour, every minute, the views, the sounds, the light changes. So I’ll stay here, watching the beach, admiring the ocean, in the beautiful weather, but also when the rain falls on my roof, when it makes way for the sun and the most beautiful rainbows…Every day, I gaze at least one rainbow. I’m spoilt, aren’t I?

I am surrounded by nature, bathed by the ocean below. I’m really pampered. And of course, I take care of my tenants, who immediately find themselves in my soft embrace as if they’d always known me!

Also, when new arrivals snuggle up between my walls covered in flowers and greenery, they don’t want to leave! Out of sight, there is the sea and those luxurious flower beds. Watching the ocean allows you to connect with yourself… The whole house was designed so that nature plays the lead role.

Me, I’m here to support the nature. Bringing warmth and comfort to my residents, whether it’s for five days or two weeks.

I know that when they arrive, I make myself warm and cuddly! Of course, I have my own little character by the way, but don’t go making assumptions, my personality is my own, and that is to fawn over the people I welcome in… I looove that, pampering them, and they make it all worthwhile!

Rarely does an ornament get broken, and I’ve realised that all the love my creator gave me, well people really feel it, and they are very, very, very respectful. It’s really a joy for me.

To rent

Yes, I am a villa to rent, as I have been telling you. It’s because my architect, of whom I am a dream come to life, can’t always be here, since he’s an artist and businessman. At the moment, he’s resisting the temptation to come and settle down here for good, but one day, I know that he’ll drop his bags off and stay with me. But in the meantime, he’s letting others take pleasure in his dream, because he’s generous and likes to share.

I’ll repeat it, even if it’s a secret, he’s going to end up staying! It could be in ten years, I’m in no rush, I’ve got all the time in the world. I’ll be here forever, remember, my name is My All.

I still have plenty of things to tell you, so if you want, sign up for my newsletter or come give me a visit. I’m gentle, but I don’t give in just like that! I was born in 2014, the birth taking three years. So you see, I’m in no rush…

Now, I have reached maturity, but I’ve been on lots of adventures… And if one day we do eventually meet (I must say I’m getting tired of online encounters), you can tell a bit about yourself in my golden book. I understand every language, as long as the message comes from the heart

In the meantime, I suggest you go and see the photos of me with all my finery on my site!

So… I’ll see you very shortly, if you want to know more about who I am…

My All


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