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Holidays with girlfriends

Holidays with girlfriends can be tempting sometimes. Going just between women, it's nice. Forget about children and obligations, husbands, companions, family and work for a week or two, or simply enjoy a happy and fulfilling single life. But where to go, that's kind of the problem! To meet up with ten friends, in a hotel… well. We may have the house you need. A villa in which you will build unforgettable, unshakeable memories.

Holidays with Girlfriends

This villa is called MyALL, it has a whole history, it is located in the Virgin Islands, in the Caribbean. It immerses you in the heart of nature without being far from civilization. And its price is affordable. Together, you pay less than a four-star hotel. But the stars are in your eyes for the duration of your stay!

The water games

Coming to the Caribbean necessarily involves swimming, at some point! In any case, it would be a shame not to do so, given the always warm and pleasant climate! And you have a choice. Either you choose to dive into the swimming pool of the residence which allows you to let your gaze float offshore, dreaming of the future that you are going to build for yourself.

Either you prefer the immensity of the ocean and a deserted beach! The house overlooks one of these beaches, so there is no problem! It takes a little longer, because you have to follow a small path that leads you there. But it is also possible to go there by car if you wish, or if you are loaded with a picnic.

Information on Tortola Island

Of course, Tortola Island, the largest of the British Virgin Islands, also offers plenty of activities and excursions. The town is very close to the house, behind the hill. Here you will find an article that talks about it.

And you will also find here the rates, quite affordable, cheaper than a luxury hotel, but what an experience more! And the flights to get there, you can find them here without any problem!

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The team that pampers MyALL


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