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Holidays with friends

You want to organize an absolutely magical, unforgettable holiday trip with your friends? At a fair price, cheaper than most four or five-star hotels? Don’t look any further; you are at the right place here. When you set foot on the island of Tortola, in the British Virgin Islands, in the Caribbean, you set foot on the land of dreams, of absolute enchantment. The island and the house, with its positive energy and charming decoration, will take you to exceptional holidays that you will remember forever. Allow us to take you on a tour of this house called MyALL. You will be blown away!

Holidays with friends

Just imagine: you all want to go together on relaxing holidays. You want to rent a house for twelve people, plus your friend’s three children and your baby. And you come upon this house, MyALL. It is very tempting and it really makes you dream. But you are about to look for something else, since you think you can’t afford it. You think it is beyond your means.

Well, think again. For a group of 12 people, in low season – meaning above 30 degrees Celsius in the shade – it will cost you only 112 dollars per person and per day, and 35 dollars per teenager or baby. And this is different than spending your holidays in an impersonal hotel of a huge network, even if its quality is nice. No, these holidays are something else!

A splendid house for you alone

The house is comprised of six double rooms with private bathroom. Three rooms are located in the main house. The other three are in the bungalows around the house. You are all together but everyone can go at his own pace, without the worry of disturbing his friends.

Won’t you have the feeling of sailing in an ocean of joy? You will, and it won’t be just a feeling; it will be real. Yes, rub your eyes an anchor your two feet solidly to the ground. You have arrived to paradise indeed. All get down please; let the party begin!

Shall we continue the tour of the property? The three bungalows also have an outdoor shower, so pleasant when you come back from the ocean and the bright sun… The large living room opens onto a splendid terrace overlooking the sea – and the bungalows offer the same comfort. It is a private terrace which allows you to relax in the shade after a day full of nature and beauty!

An outdoor kitchen

The outdoor kitchen allows you to cook the way you want, or you can let yourself be pampered by a local chef; as you prefer. Or you can opt for a combination of these two things. Everything is possible here; you just need to ask! Ah, the large dinner parties between friends! Yes, everyone can gather at the table to enjoy the delicious meals and talk, laugh and contemplate this spectacular nature.

Outside, nature has the leading role, that's for sure. You are completely immersed in it, and it will move you so deeply. The beauty of sunrise and sunset... You can admire both sides of the coin on MyALL’s terrace!

Is there anything more joyful and relaxing than contemplating nature, tasting delicious food and having heartwarming laughs with your friends, in an incredibly lively and lush setting? There isn’t, because everything is truly perfect.

The exterior, panoramic vision and vegetable garden

Children can hide in the corners of the garden without ever getting bored. A 3-hectare garden, a vegetable garden made with the house's compost... MyALL is a modern house, in every sense of the word!

You can pick up the house’s wonderful fruits and vegetables – depending on the season –and enjoy them! They are delicious! And it is very inspiring for your children! We bet that after such holidays, they will be crazy about permaculture... and so will you!

You can drive down to the beach (it takes five minutes by car; on foot, it takes 15 or 20...) and lie down on the warm sand that welcomes just you and your friends! It looks like it exists just for you!


Speaking about the beach, let’s talk about swimming! The immensity of the ocean welcomes you with open arms and you can swim while watching the multicolored schools of fish passing below... And also observe the dolphins swimming out at sea.

As for the swimming pool, its waterfall allows you to get a neck massage, and its edge allows you to observe the ocean endlessly, to refresh yourself while being particularly inspired... Because such a place will inspire and revitalize you, that's for sure!

The activities

Here, you can do multiple activities. Immersing yourself in the magic of this breathtaking villa is already one of them! But there are also other possibilities, of course. Boat tours, scuba diving, a walk to the top of Mount Sage, going on an exploration to see dolphins up close...

You can go for a ride in the city, which is only ten minutes away by car, despite appearances. The restaurant is also a great opportunity to taste the local dishes and to meet the island’s friendly locals… You won’t ever get bored, not even for a minute, by spending your holidays in the villa MyALL!

A mysterious karma

MyALL is a particular, special house. In fact, the house itself tells its story, as you will see in this article. It tells how it survived Hurricane Irma almost unharmed; it reveals itself... Perhaps it is due to a particularly strong energy, a brave and noble soul

In any case, you will feel excitement when you read the adventures of this villa which may soon welcome you! Thanks to that, you will be able to strengthen your ties with your friends by sharing epic and extraordinary holidays.

A step closer to holidays

So, if you want to take a step closer to charming holidays at a reasonable price, you can visit the house’s website and take a look at the rates for these breathtaking holidays.

And if you want to have an idea of the flights to the island of Tortola, we will guide you over here!

Finally, if you still have any questions, feel free to contact us by e-mail or by chat, we will be happy to answer you!

We look forward to meeting you.



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