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Dream destination

A dream destination to go on vacation, are you thinking about it? Want to get away from home, away from the routine, to a place where it's warm all year round? Find yourself in the cocoon of an Island so beautiful and so well preserved ...

Here we have the solution. A unique villa, which is called MyALL. A villa that will take you to the end of your dreams. In which you can either indulge yourself in a beneficial relaxation or allow yourself to keep a hectic pace, if you wish. The Island of Tortola offers you a lot of possibilities! You can stay five days or two weeks just to be pampered in this beautiful, inspiring house. And inspiring for you!

Dream destination

First, where is this dream destination located this Island called Tortola? Well, this island is in the Caribbean, in the British Virgin Islands, to be exact. Tortola is the main one of the British Virgin Islands, the one where there is so much to do, if you want to visit.

An affordable dream villa

Most of the time, however, the visitors who really just want to relax enjoy the villa above all! Because you don't have to go out to be amazed by all the amenities this extraordinary home has to offer!

An interior with taste and refinement. So that you can enjoy the large living room in peace by falling into soft, very comfortable armchairs. While you can admire the view of the sea that the large window bays offer ...

An indoor kitchen where you can meet up to twelve people to eat when you feel like it ... A small office when you need to finish a letter ... postcards to mail, just like good old ones Times ... This house encourages serenity!

The villa has six bedrooms. Three in the house, each with its own bathroom. If you come with several people, each one can respect their own rhythm. You are on vacation, aren't you?

There are also three bungalows next to the house house. Refinement, autonomy and the promotion of coexistence can all be enjoyed without feeling overcrowded.

In addition to their own bathroom, the bungalows also have an outdoor shower! Handy when you come back from the beach!

Here's how to estimate the cost of your trip

You can also calculate your budget yourself by clicking on this link to get an idea of ​​what this paradisiacal vacation could cost, depending on the period and the number of people you are traveling with. There are also links for flights that allow you to see how to get to the Virgin Islands and thus complete this budget and prepare your trip concretely.

Do not hesitate to contact us by email or chat, we would be happy to assist you with a future reservation or simply to answer your questions.

See you soon



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